Seneca Diabetes Foundation?is being unfairly impugned

It is unfortunate that, in the waning hours of a political campaign, one desperate faction has succumbed to its baser instincts and hurled groundless allegations to impugn the integrity of the Seneca Diabetes Foundation.

Chartered by New York State, this 501(c)(3) organization has no other purpose except to help members of the Seneca Nation to cope with and overcome an epidemic that ravages its population. The foundation is an independent entity and is not in any way affiliated with or subject to direction or supervision by the Seneca Nation, which has no right whatsoever to inquire into its activities. Nevertheless, since its formation the foundation has worked cooperatively with Tribal Councilors, regularly furnishing updates on its activities in service to the Seneca people. Timely and complete responses have been given whenever the Tribal Council has asked. No honest inquiry has gone unanswered.

Under the guise of a “press conference,” candidates Richard Nephew and Robert Porter have used the local media to spread their allegations that the foundation board has engaged in conduct that is improper, even criminal. This was a desperate move by desperate candidates. However, it is truly regrettable that, in smearing the foundation, they may accomplish little more than to deprive the Seneca people of support they so gravely need.

The Seneca Diabetes Foundation is certainly appreciative of the support it has received from the Seneca Nation, its gaming corporation and the community at large. It would serve the best interests of all if Porter and Nephew set aside their efforts to disparage the foundation and focus instead on the health and welfare of the Seneca people.

Jacek A. Wysocki


Seneca Diabetes Foundation