Pharmacist enriched?my life tremendously

A nostalgic tear was brought to my eye when I read Women’s Voices by Roberta VanderMeer in the Oct. 20 News. She wrote about Bill Gorenflo, a pharmacist whose store at the corner of Bailey and Minnesota also served as his makeshift kitchen. I, too, was fortunate enough to share an occasional meal with Gorenflo, but to me he was of other, greater value.

In the mid-’60s, I was a college student living just down Minnesota from the store and a devotee of comic books. This was the age of the great Marvel Comics – Spider-Man, the X-Men, the Silver Surfer and all the rest. Gorenflo’s was the source of my addiction and Gorenflo was my dealer. He would allow me to come into the store on delivery days and let me open the bundle of freshly delivered comics before anyone else got to them. He took a fatherly delight in my passion and approved of all my choices.

It brought me great joy to see him mentioned and to realize that he had other special people in his life. It’s too bad I didn’t save those comic books; they’re worth a fortune today, but then, my life was enriched enormously by knowing Bill Gorenflo nearly 50 years ago.

Paul Tenser