Boy Scouts of America?has done great things

Donn Esmonde’s comments on the Boy Scouts of America are predictable for anyone who would never be a Boy Scout and doesn’t know anything about the Scouts. The national media ran to the story, too. The 1,247 accusations of sex abuse from 1965-1985 are too many, obviously. Let’s talk about what the report is really about. It is about the continued attacks on religious freedom, freedom of speech and freedom of worship.

In that 20-year period between 1965 and 1985, Boy Scouts of America had 75 million young men go through its program. It had more than 1 million Eagle Scouts, 30 million Cub Scouts and, maybe more importantly, more than 2 million adult volunteers. Yet Esmonde calls this abuse an “epidemic.”

Scouts have contributed hundreds of millions of dollars to national parks and collected and donated countless clothing and food to the needy for 100 years. Boy Scouts are taught to be men of compassion, character and strong spiritual values. Too many people these days believe they are doing something by just walking in the park wearing colored T-shirts. The Scouts are taught to be people of action.

Jay Prendergast