Waterfront development?going great without Quinn

You know Halloween is near when you turn on your television and see a ghost from the failed past of waterfront development before your eyes. Yes, thatís right, our old friend Larry Quinn was recently on local television lamenting the course that progress is following on the downtown waterfront.

The specter of failed attempts to bring Bass Pro to Buffalo said he doesnít approve of the current planís lack of an anchor tenant Ė which in spookier times would have led to substantial financial gains for him if that plan would have come to fruition. This is the first public criticism I have heard of the revised objective that seems to be finally working.

After all of the positive happenings reported along the whole length of the lakefront in the past year, does anyone think itís a coincidence that Quinn is no longer active in planning the direction of the most important part of the downtown renaissance?

Perhaps we should hold an exorcism behind the same hockey arena that Quinn made millions on after selling his part of the Buffalo Sabres, and rid ourselves of this nightmare once and for all.

John Walker