Twenty-eight Senecas will be running mates of Cyrus “Cy” Schindler, who is seeking the office of Seneca Nation president as leader of a new organization called the Peoples’ Party.

Schindler, 64, a retired ironworker and cigarette business owner who served as Seneca president from November 2000 to November 2002, is running against four other candidates in the tribe’s Nov. 6 election.

Maxine Snyder Jimerson will be the Peoples’ Party candidate for treasurer, and Marilyn J. Anderson will run for clerk. Seeking posts on the Tribal Council will be Sandra Hill, Holly Connors-Jimerson, Ronald Jimerson, Ross Ledsome, Jason Franco, Richard Jemison, Steven Schindler and Elmer Steeprock Jr.

Other candidates are Timothy Ledsome and Nathaniel John, chief marshals; Justin Kennedy, Joshua King, Michael Jimerson, Galen Highley, Gregory Jimerson and James Luke, marshals; Ronald Lemon, Marsha Thompson, Donald White Jr., Julie Farner, Cheryll White and Sandra Jemison, assessors; Judy Jimerson and Arletta Stevens, poormasters; and Evelyn George-Shongo and Peter Longboat, highway commissioners.

The Seneca Nation also reported that businessman Aaron Pierce has been certified as a presidential candidate. He is running as an independent.

Pierce, 42, runs a cigarette business and a company that manufactures ammunition that has been endorsed by rock singer Ted Nugent. Pierce has pledged that, if elected, he will not take the $185,000 annual salary paid to the president and will donate that money to early childhood centers run by the Seneca Nation.

Other candidates for president are Richard E. Nephew, Barry Snyder Sr. and Cochise RedEye.