Let’s get to the bottom of attack on consulate

I am responding to the Oct. 17 News editorial concerning the tragedy at the Libyan consulate. It said that, as president, Obama is accountable for this disaster, which is true and undeniable. On the other hand, it tried to blunt the level of criticism at Obama by implying that President George W. Bush ignored warnings of an impending terror attack in 2001 and that Republicans in the House voted to cut security funding in the budget, thereby forcing the State Department to deny the consulate request for additional security.
Yes, there were several responsible cuts in a bloated budget that had to be done, but it did not leave the State Department with a zero balance. According to columnist Byron York, even though the State Department denied a request for an increase in funding for consulate security in Libya, it approved a request from U.S. diplomats in Vienna to spend $108,000 to buy a charging station for its new fleet of Chevy Volts – part of what the Obama administration calls the “greening of the embassy.” This seems to indicate quite patently a skewing of priorities.
In a similar vein, Edward Klein, author of the best seller “The Amateur,” reported that he discovered that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton originally approved these requests but was turned down by someone in the White House. Who and why? We have four Americans dead and a consulate burned down and for two weeks the administration blamed it on a video? This is a blatant cover-up and a political scandal of massive proportions that The News tries to minimize. Instead it should be calling for congressional action to get to the bottom of this.
John R. Consedine