Tattoo artist Nick D’Angelo of Lockport said he was dealt a losing hand on this week’s installment of “Inkmaster Season 2.” D’Angelo, at 23 the youngest contestant on the Spike TV series, was voted off the show after his “New Skool” tattoo failed to please his client.
The series features 16 tattoo artists competing for $100,000. Each week, contestants work on a different client in various styles. “New Skool,” a genre that features bold and bright designs with heavy outlines, can turn out looking very much like a cartoon or caricature.
“My client was very picky. She was very strong-minded, and had about five strong-minded personalities,” said D’Angelo, whose demise was a flaming heart tattoo. He maintained it wasn’t so much the tattoo that did him in, but the client.
“Normally, I would have told that client to leave. In that situation, I didn’t have the option.”
The flaming heart that D’Angelo inked on the woman’s back caused her to see red. The woman, who had several other tattoos, was particularly displeased by three prongs sticking out either side of the heart.
The contest is judged by guitarist Dave Navarro of Jane’s Addiction and tattoo artists Chris Nunez of “Miami Ink” and Oliver Peck of “Elm Street Tattoo,” along with guest judges.
“Navarro came into the room a couple of times, and my client freaked out because she was kind of star-struck,” said D’Angelo. “He said it was the best tattoo she had on her body.”
D’Angelo will return to New York for taping of the live finale on Dec. 18, when three artists will compete for the top prize.
The exposure on national television has increased traffic on his Facebook page, he said. Other than that, D’Angelo’s life is pretty much back to normal.