The Beggars’ Night Misunderstanding of 2012 has hopefully been cleared up in Kaisertown.

“It got so blown out of proportion, I got threatening phone calls,” said John T. Poniewierski, president of the Kaisertown Coalition.

The bottom line? People can hand out candy on whatever night they like, Poniewierski said Friday.

The East Side neighborhood has historically held trick-or-treating on Beggars’ Night, Oct. 30, and Halloween night had been reserved for a parade.

The Kaisertown Coalition, a block club organization, had its members vote on whether there should be trick-or-treating on Oct. 30, or Oct. 31.

The membership favored Oct. 31, which drew an outcry from others in the neighborhood who wanted to continue with the local tradition of passing out candy to costumed children on Oct. 30.

A Facebook group, “Beggars Night in Kaisertown,” has a show of support from more than 170 people.

The change was suggested because many children from other neighborhoods were converging on Kaisertown, which is centered by the intersection of Clinton and S. Ogden streets, knowing it was the rare community that handed out candy one night early, Poniewierski said.

If people want to hand out candy on either night, they can, and those who don’t can leave their lights off. “Do what you wish,” he said. “There’s no law on the books.”

Last year, block clubs in Lovejoy, north of Kaisertown, made the change to host trick-or-treating on Oct. 31, instead of Oct. 30, and they have continued that practice this year, said Maria Williams, president of the East Lovejoy Coalition of Neighbors.

However, some people in Lovejoy will pass out candy from 6 to 8 p.m. on Tuesday, said Linda J. Hastreiter of the Iron Island Museum.

In East Lovejoy the Fran Bakos Memorial Halloween Parade will begin at 2 p.m. today at Goethe and East Lovejoy streets and end at Hennepin Park Community Center, said Marcia Lahr, president of the Head East Civic Club.