Voucher plan is trap for Medicare users

A recent contributor found the Medicare voucher plan appealing. I would also find it appealing if I didn’t participate in it. I have often wondered why federal employees have their own health care plan.
I was able to take an early retirement, which included partial health care coverage, a voucher plan. My initial share was $140 per month, which was reasonable. After the first year, the annual increases began and after five years my share rose to an appalling $950 per month. After changing coverage to increase deductibles and co-pays, I was able to reduce the monthly share to $660. I will soon be participating in Medicare, hopefully this will continue to cover my health care needs without the wild increases I endured in the voucher system.
The real issue is not health insurance cost, it is health care cost. I am not sure how to control that. The annual increases in the cost of hospital stays and drug coverage need to be brought under control or soon no insurance will be able to cover them.
Edward Hill