My mother is thinking about redecorating her bedroom and recently told my daughter and me about her favorite bedroom ever.
It was brown and chartreuse.
My daughter and I were speechless, but she didn't notice. She rattled on about the wall color she chose (dark brown) and the plaid fabric (chartreuse, brown and off-white) and the brown this and the chartreuse that and I felt like I was going to gag.
So wasn't I surprised the other day when I came across the Pantone Fashion Color Report for Fall 2012.
Turns out that French Roast (a “rich and robust” brown) is one of the Top 10 colors named by Pantone, the world-renowned color authority. Bright Chartreuse (“a vital yellow-green”) is another.
“Talk about living on the cutting edge!” my mother laughed when, somewhat sheepishly, I shared this color news with her.
The other colors on the Pantone palette for fall: Honey Gold, Pink Flambé, Tangerine Tango, Ultramarine Green, Olympian Blue, Titanium, Rhapsody (a grayed-down purple) and Rose Smoke.
I love talking and thinking about color. For instance, I wonder how color cannot be a TOP priority when someone is shopping for a new car. Or a new vacuum cleaner, for that matter.
So when Pantone comes out with one of its inspiring seasonal color reports, I pay attention. Especially to the color combinations. Pink Flambé and Tangerine Tango. Honey Gold and Olympian Blue. Rose Smoke and Titanium.
And, sigh, French Roast and Bright Chartreuse.
These are all colors we're now seeing in fashion but also in home decor – from dinnerware to draperies. Thinking ahead? Last month, on the first day of New York Fashion Week, Pantone released its fashion color report for next spring.
One of them: Tender Shoots – “a vibrant yellow-green.” Here we go again.
As for my mother's bedroom redecorating project, who knows if she will revisit the brown and chartreuse combo she was so crazy about all those years ago? The rug was an off-white shag. The furniture was bleached oak, she told us, making sure we had the entire picture in our heads.
Mind you, this was the bedroom she had before she married my father and began wielding her paintbrush around new rooms in different houses and towns.
Turquoise and green for one kitchen. Black and white with pops of yellow in another.
And one of the more memorable: the color combination she and I dreamed up for my bedroom once I reached middle school.
I believe it was pretty close to Pink Flambé and Tangerine Tango.
And the stems of the mod flowers in the wallpaper pattern? Could they possibly have been a cross between Chartreuse and Tender Shoots?