SILVER CREEK – An exchange teacher from Beijing will teach students at Silver Creek Central School under a three-year program.
Zhau Shou will be in kindergarten, first- and second-grade classrooms starting Monday. Members of the School Board heard about her arrival during this week’s board meeting.
Students will have an opportunity to learn the language and culture. Zhau’s visit is sponsored in part by the University at Buffalo, which has helped coordinate visits and informational exchanges between Silver Creek and China schools.
In other matters, the board will hold a retreat session Nov. 2 to talk about the three-year plan for the district. Board members will focus on budget development and goal-setting for students.
Faculty members will play against students in a charity basketball tournament on Nov. 1.
The event is organized by the junior class.
High school students Emily Berek and James Gardner were recognized as the September honorees with the “Knight of the Month” award.
Both students accepted certificates and congratulations from the board members.