Fan wants a refund for moves gone bad

How many more losses will it take until the painfully obvious becomes the reason for another losing season?

Ryan Fitzpatrick is not a starting quarterback, and even as a backup, I would have serious doubts. With all the talented quarterbacks we could have had, why did we settle for “brand X?”

That huge ceramic statue we bought, “The Williams,” you know, the one that chips so easily, and seems to be so hard to move … another really wise investment.

Our defensive coach, Dave Wannstedt, another red tag buy, do you think he left Miami because of the humidity?

Enough already ... it’s not too late to make some changes, and shoot for the playoffs. Please …

Tell us you saved the receipts, and can still return these defective goods, and get our money back!

Tom Paszko


It’s time for the Bills to go elsewhere

Another week of a team that should go somewhere else. Like maybe Europe or Australia. The Buffalo Bills are a pathetic excuse for a football team. The head coach has the same sad comments every week. We should have “done this” or we should have “done that.” Enough! We have not been a playoff team for the last 12 years. How long will it be before this team has a real solid franchise? And then there was talk of a stadium in downtown Buffalo at a cost of $950 million. Really? Adios, Buffalo Bills.

William Belz


Time to clean house like the Browns did

The last playoff apperance for the Buffalo Bills was 1999. And yet Bills management goes merrily along.

The last playoff appearance for the Cleveland Browns was 2002. Except the new owner got fed up and brought in a new team president who has a history of turning teams around.

Mike Holmgren and probably others at the Browns who failed to produce will leave by the end of the season. And I have a hunch you’ll see an invogorated Browns team in the near future.

Will Buffalo make such a move? If they are considering such it’s the best kept secret in the NFL. No, I see Ralph, in his senior years, retaining the same people that have let him and Bills fans down for years.

Go Cleveland.

Mike Borton

West Seneca

List Bills defenders as missing persons

On the side of a milk carton was 11 defensive players from the Buffalo Bills. They’ve gone missing for 7 weeks now.

James Ziolkowski


Even Buddy’s drawl not working here

Here are ten reasons why Buddy Nix must go. 10. Swiss cheese defense. 9. Bills points for — 826, against — 1086. We lose by an average score of 21-28. 8. $59 million dollar contract to a career backup quarterback. 7. I am sick of the excuses. 6. Bill Polian is welcome at the Ralph again. 5. Brian Moorman out, Shawn Powell in. 4. Kevin Costner is better looking. 3. Super Mario, super bust. 2) Combined record is 13-26. 1. I am tired of the Southern drawl in a northern town.

James Schmigel Jr.


Former ticket buyer happy with his decision

I am so upset! How do you score 34 points and lose the game? You have Dave “Wannaby” as your “D” coordinator, that’s how. As Dave would say, I never saw a blitz that I liked. We must remember, however that our linebackers and secondary couldn’t cover a crockpot as Jerry Sullivan has said in a prevoius article. Sunday was a tough loss and we must not forget Ryan Fitzpatrick, who has one sideline pass each game that is intercepted. Dave & Ryan … it has a nice ring to it. Dave, you have nine games left and you are history as should be Buddy and Chan. When Mr. Wilson hired Buddy & Chan, I cancelled my season tickets. They & Dave & Ryan have done nothing to make me regret my decision.

Edward Clohessy


Time for the Yankees to learn fundamentals

Mike Harrington is, as usual, right on the mark. This time, regarding the pathetic collapse of the Yankees.

We Yankee fans know that injuries were a factor in this year’s demise, but injuries are a fact of life in professional sports. Yet the problem is more systemic. Harrington shows that arrogance and lack of concern for fundamentals of the game are also key reasons for the downfall. Sports franchises always walk a thin line between the financial bottom line and striving for excellence on the field. The Yankee Stadium “experience” has become a gouge for the ordinary fan (and indirectly for the taxpayers of our state) and it won’t get better. Dissatisfied fans are beginning to vote with their pocketbooks and are making their displeasure known by cascading “boos” down on a substandard product. Perhaps we Bills fans can take notice!

Yankee GM Brian Cashman’s remark about long counts and “bruising the ball” are also revealing. We can see that this long ball mentality did not pan out very well. I like Curtis Granderson and Mark Teixeira, but when opposing teams shifted defensively against them, rarely did they take advantage and not try to pull the ball as Paul O’Neill and Tino Martinez did. The great Ted Williams left an example of how to deal with these defensive hijinks. Maybe it will sink in as the Pinstripers watch someone else in the World Series, again.

Tim Ellis


Notre Dame situation shows NCAA ineptness

The NCAA designates four conferences as “power conferences” to have the advantage in the new national playoff format starting next year and include the Big Ten and exclude the Big East and ACC. But if you have followed college football in the last five years you would have realized that after judging their bowl performances and standings during that period the Big Ten was mediocre at best and this year just two weeks ago the Big Ten had 2 teams in the top 25 and the Big East with only eight members had three schools.

There is only one “power conference,” it’s the SEC.

What’s even worse is the NCAA allows one team, into the BCS, Notre Dame, which does not have to compete in any conference or conference playoff but will allow that team to compete for a national championship playing their own schedule while refusing to enter a conference because they would have to share any bowl money and give up their TV contract. Of course they will join a conference in basketball, the ACC, because they can profit from that conference since they are not a basketball power. So in effect they can have it “both ways.” If you could compare their situation to any other sport it would be like allowing the Yankees to enter the playoffs without winning their conference or wildcard, because they are the “Yankees”! The NCAA is totally inept.

John W. Kowalski


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