1. Was Haile Selassie king of Ethiopia?

2. Is the Book of Job part of the Old or New Testament?

3. Do bonds pay dividends?

4. Name the two states with the longest coastlines, in order.

5. Where in New Jersey was Frank Sinatra born?

6. Wales and England are part of the . . .

7. The AFL-CIO was formed in 1955 by a merger of the American Federation of Labor and what other organization?

8. What is the weight division for a boxer weighing 150 pounds?

9. Identify the period of time that consists of 86,400 seconds.

10. The prefix “geo” is from Greek and had what meaning originally?
1. No, he was emperor of Ethiopia.
2. Old Testament.
3. No, they pay interest. Stocks pay dividends.
4. Alaska and Florida.
5. Hoboken, in December 1915.
6. United Kingdom.
7. Congress of Industrial Organizations.

8. Junior middleweight, the weight division between welterweight and middleweight. A junior middleweight weighs between 147 and 154 pounds.
9. One day.
10. Its meaning is “earth.”