Buffalo police Wednesday continued to look for more possible victims of a man charged with using a cellphone last week to peep up a woman’s skirt on a downtown street.
Meanwhile, the woman who was allegedly videotaped told The Buffalo News she initially thought the man was just a “rude person” standing uncomfortably close to her – but she has since discovered that security workers downtown may have been looking for the man for some time, fearing he was involved in a practice called “upskirting.”
Daniel Knoble, 28, of Sayre Street in Buffalo, was accused last week of cutting a hole in one of his shoes, placing an iPhone inside the shoe and using it to film a woman in downtown Buffalo. He has been charged with unlawful surveillance and disorderly conduct.
The News broke the story in its Wednesday edition.
In an email, the woman said she was at the downtown Buffalo Place Country Market, a farmers’ market, during her lunch break last Thursday when a man was standing so “super close behind me” that she “bumped right into him” at Main and Court streets.
The woman, who is in her 20s, lives in the suburbs and works in a downtown office, spoke on condition of anonymity. She said she was unaware Knoble had allegedly videotaped her until Buffalo police showed her iPhone videos that they say Knoble took of her during the lunchtime outdoor market visit.
She told The News that as she was walking away from Knoble, she heard a Buffalo Place worker approach him and tell him, “Get over here! Get over here! We’ve been looking for you for weeks.”
Buffalo police officers were on patrol nearby, the woman said.
The victim said a friend in the Buffalo Police Department recognized her face in the videos taken from Knoble’s iPhone and contacted her to confirm the incident.
“It was so creepy,” the woman said. She said a detective came to her downtown office hours after the incident and she signed the criminal complaint that landed Knoble in legal trouble.
A police spokesmen said officers are trying to determine if they can identify other victims who were filmed using Knoble’s cellphone and are asking anyone who may have experienced a similar incident to call their confidential tipline at 847-2255.
The woman also told The News she went to City Court on Wednesday morning for proceedings in the case and was told by prosecutors that it would be transferred to Erie County Court for further proceedings.
“[The prosecutors] said it will probably be pleaded down to a misdemeanor, which I think stinks,” she said, “but I guess we will see what happens.”