NYSEG needs to give homeowners more time

Homeowners in a Depew neighborhood have NYSEG-owned land running between their properties. NYSEG has given the homeowners three weeks notice to remove anything placed on their property or NYSEG will have it bulldozed. This property has been maintained by the homeowners since 1966 with the knowledge that sheds and fences must be removed for NYSEG access.
Assemblyman Dennis Gabryszak was able to get us an extension of one month. Surveys have to be found, permits obtained, contractors hired, buildings and fences removed and replaced. All of this at the homeowners’ expense. All very difficult to accomplish by the end of November.
NYSEG has refused to meet with the homeowners. I contacted the offices of Sens. Charles Schumer, Pat Gallivan and Tim Kennedy. All promised to look into this. All failed to respond.
We as homeowners ask NYSEG to be a good neighbor, as we have. Grant us a little courtesy and the time to clear the property we have maintained for it for the last 50 years.
Now that we no longer have use of the NYSEG property, we also expect NYSEG to keep it properly maintained as homeowners have for all these years.
Debbie Wozniak