Keep minors away from Chippewa bars

Do an Internet search of muggings, shootings and stabbings in and around the Chippewa party zone, and it is evident violent incidents are not rare occurrences.
Are someone’s “good time” and some extra dollars in the till for Chippewa businesses really the prime considerations? People will always seek entertainment despite potential dangers (think back to Prohibition), but should inexperienced young adults be in this environment?
Sorry to break the news, but I live in the area and have seen numerous intoxicated people, obviously not of drinking age, tailgating and imbibing massively in the surrounding area (behaving pretty badly, too) prior to heading for the strip, then coming back to their cars blatantly intoxicated and driving off.
Given the existing dynamics of individuals at the age where they believe themselves immortal and invincible, alcohol consumption, an opportunistic criminal element and violent vendettas, it is a high probability there will be more tragic occurrences.
The Chippewa District has a police presence, courtesy of the taxpayers. I’m not too happy about my tax dollars going toward a function that should be the responsibility of business owners, and diverting attention from more serious crimes. There are strategies to increase patronage overall for Chippewa businesses. Relying on under-agers to float your business and endangering them in the process seems selfish and irresponsible.
Anne Gareis