A ghost named Merlot

George Thomas Apfel is a medium and his fiancee, Anne Rogers Karpiak, is a clairvoyant. Darned if we know the difference between these job descriptions, but the important thing is, on Saturday night, they both participated in Paranormal Pursuit at the Statler. “There was a bar and a few concessions. I had red wine and chocolate,” Anne told us. “We found the spirit of a man who was looking for his lost bride as we were standing in the upstairs hallway. I helped George channel out the story and he got the name Ida Clare. … We then noticed the energy of two men fighting on the stairway over a key to a room. There was a woman waiting in the room…. ” Buzz likes the mention of the red wine. It made us think of our UB years, when we lived on Parkside in an apartment we swore had a ghost. Our mom, knowing our penchant for parties, scoffed. She told us: “Your ghost has a name, and its name is Schlitz.”

The undecided

With Election Day looming, and friends walking on eggshells around each other, Buzz has found the one undecided household in the country. Saturday, driving down Eggert Road near Kensington Drive, we spotted a lawn with two signs: “Romney/Ryan” and “Obama/Biden.” It must be a situation involving a husband and wife hailing from different parties. “You’re putting a sign up? Fine! Mine is going up too!” Luckily, they agree on the things that really matter. A car in the driveway had a single bumper sticker, reading: “Bills.”

Speaking of the Bills …

Buzz loves Buffalonian sightings on foreign shores. Over the years we have marveled at many. There was the woman who went to a remote island off Africa and found someone from Clarence already there. And the couple in Rome who found someone in an Italian Village T-shirt. Ha, ha! The latest tale comes from Denise DeNisco and her husband, Michael, who went to Florence a couple of weeks ago. They were chatting in front of their hotel about, you guessed it, the Bills. A young couple passed by and asked in perfect English, “Are you Bills fans, too?” The couple were Anna and Matthew Munn of East Amherst! DeNisco is still amazed. “What are the chances that the Munns would pass right in front of our hotel?” she wonders. Hey, this being Buffalo, we would say those chances are about 100 percent.

The buzz

Millionth thing to love about Buffalo: Lance Diamond wishing you happy Sweetest Day. “Happy Sweetest Day to all you Beautiful Ladies!” he wrote Saturday on Facebook. … The voice crying in the Buffalo wilderness: the woman who dared to write a letter in a local free weekly paper objecting to chicken wing eating contests. Chickens are nice animals, she pointed out. She added: “Food for thought, if you chopped off your arm and deep fried it, you’d love that too!” … Why wait for the weekend? Heck, why wait for the evening? Head to the Sportsmen’s Tavern today at noon, for the 17-piece Joe Baudo Big Band. Admission is free.


“Local pubs bring neighbors together, just like murdering a Frankenstein.”

– Groupon, hawking deal at Papa Jake’s