Two unrelated outages took out power to more than 4,700 National Grid customers in Niagara County this morning.
Stephen Brady, a spokesperson for National Grid, said a transformer problem in a large substation on Walmore Road caused about 4,000 homes along Walmore and Military Road, in the towns of Niagara and Wheatfield, to lose power just before 7 a.m. Power was restored in that area around 9 a.m.
Another 700 customers served by the Swann Road substation in the Town of Lewiston lost power just after 8 a.m. when two poles toppled at the intersection of Swann and Creek roads. Most of those homes had power restored shortly after the outage. However, about 40 to 50 people were without power a few hours longer as crews repaired the poles, Brady said.
The Niagara Charter School on Lockport Road was closed for the day.
Brady said it was unclear what caused the poles to fall.
“We don’t know what caused the poles to go down. There was no apparent accident. It has been raining pretty hard. It was not apparent that anyone struck the pole, but if someone whacks it and drives away, I guess you never know,” Brady said.
Lewiston-Porter Central School, which is near this area, did not lose power, though the schools do have generators.
Police crews in the area were called out during the morning to direct traffic at most large intersections.