Romney/Ryan voucher plan for Medicare is appealing

I’m a registered Democrat and, although I am disappointed in President Obama, it’s unlikely I’ll vote for Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan in November. However, I do like the Romney/Ryan voucher plan for Medicare, and am puzzled as to why seniors fear it.
As a retired federal employee, I have a premium support plan for my medical coverage that is virtually identical to the Romney/Ryan proposed voucher system. The federal government pays a portion of my premiums and I pay the difference and choose from a variety of plans offered by approved private insurers. I can pick any plan and switch during a yearly open enrollment period if my current plan raises its premiums or changes its coverage and no longer meets my needs.
My current plan’s coverage is terrific. I pay less than I would for Medicare and I have prescription coverage that doesn’t cost extra. My only out-of-pocket expense is a small co-pay, and I don’t have to worry about deductibles or doughnut holes and I don’t need an additional Medicare advantage plan which, I understand, will soon require higher premiums due to Obamacare.
I certainly wouldn’t switch my current premium support plan for traditional Medicare and I don’t know of another retired federal employee who would.
Medicare as we know it is going broke and will cost seniors more or reduce already poor coverage in the near future. Medicare is also rife with fraud, waste and abuse. From my perspective, the Romney/Ryan plan is far superior to traditional Medicare and the answer for anyone worried about Medicare’s future.
James Arkins