Judge was wrong to side with Avanti on fireworks

I read in disbelief that Hamburg Town Justice Gerald Gorman has supported Avanti Mansion’s shooting off fireworks during wedding receptions in a residential neighborhood. Gorman sided with Avanti over neighbors’ petitions against the fireworks and over next-door neighbor Denise Wood’s complaint that the fireworks were set off without warning and greatly affected her war-veteran husband.
Gorman sided with Avanti officials, who suggested that Woods and her husband should leave their home during wedding receptions for a meal out – generously at Avanti’s expense. Really? Fireworks are a necessity that warrants neighbors having to leave their home?
Adding irony to his logic, Gorman also ruled that Woods could not run her wood chipper during Avanti events. Apparently Gorman thinks wood chippers are too noisy – but not fireworks?
Ray Volpe