For Jay’s 20th birthday, his parents bought him a small minivan, just large enough for his art supplies.
Jay wanted to be an artist. So far, he hadn’t painted anything but houses (he had to make a living).
There was just one problem: Jay had an appetite the size of Montana. It was, to coin a phrase, a maxi-appetite. It got to the point where he had trouble fitting behind the steering wheel, so he decided to go on a diet. First, he stocked up on veggies; then he cleaned out the dairy section.
As he was leaving the market, he noticed a woman wearing a maxi-skirt. Beside her was a younger woman wearing a mini-skirt. Jay approached the women and said, “Good afternoon, ladies. I’m an artist. Could I do a mini representation of you, seeing as how you’re dressed so individually?”
The mother said, “That would be lovely.” The deal was done, and Jay went off determined to become the best mini-portraitist in the country
Remember: mini means extra small; maxi means extra-large
1) Willy took a (mini-/maxi-) course in film directing that lasted four days.
2) In math class, Phillie asked the teacher, “If you combine two (mini-/maxi-) fractions, would that make one (mini-/maxi-) fraction?”
1) mini-
2) mini-/maxi- (The teacher didn’t know so she pretended there’d just been a fire alarm and ushered everyone out of the classroom. Wuss.)