The Marilla Town Board has accepted a preliminary budget for 2013 of $2.6 million, up 3.8 percent from the current spending plan.
The budget includes a 3 percent salary increase for town employees. There will be no town tax again next year and an increase of 5.5 cents, to $2.40, per $1,000 of assessed property value for the highway and fire districts, plus an increase to $141 per unit for the sanitation budget.
Fuel costs and $30,000 in bonding for a new truck will push up the highway budget; the fire budget is up slightly because of the costs for the pension fund, an alarm system and fuel.
Homeowners who live within the four water districts are assessed separately.
Supervisor George Gertz said the town negotiated leaner costs for worker health care that will save the town $10,000 and includes workers contributing 5 percent toward health insurance costs.
The salary hike will cost the town nearly $10,000 a year.
In another recent town development, the newly painted million-gallon water tank that was filled recently had to be redrained, flushed and cleaned, at the request of the Erie County Water Authority.
An inspection of the tank – painted water-tank blue in August – turned up dirt and debris in the water from paint chips. Water Authority engineers reinspected the tank and determined that the paint chips were old ones and that the new paint job was not the cause of the problem.
“The good news is the tank is being refilled, with the [Water Authority] bearing the cost of the lost water, and the water has to be inspected twice in a 48-hour period,” Supervisor George Gertz said.
The 18-year-old water tank was drained and repainted by Amstar Corp. for the first time in late August at a cost of $250,000