Let the voters decide if taxes should go up

Once again we are informed that our property taxes are going to be increased. How wonderful! It is explained that it will only cost us somewhere around $18 a year. That doesn’t sound all that bad. However, school taxes also have gone up. Another menial increase of around $20 a year. Then we’re informed that the town taxes will be going up. You guessed it, another $20 per year. I recently read that dairy products will be going up, along with pork products. Gasoline costs twice as much as it should and yet there’s not enough taxes derived from it to keep our roads repaired. We’re told that pension costs, libraries along with arts and cultural programs will continue to be provided.
Everything but our paychecks seems to be rising and no one seems to be able to stop it. Our elected officials continue to sit in their plush offices and dream up ways to take more and more of our money. However, when it’s time for re-election, the money to run their campaigns seems to come out of nowhere. They spend millions like we spend twenties. All for what? So they can sit in their plush offices and dream up ways to take our money. Hey, how about letting us vote on whether we want our taxes to go up in order to keep libraries open or continue to give money to arts and cultural programs? How about putting our money where your mouth is, Mr. Poloncarz, and put it up for a vote.
Lee Salisbury