Stark differences evident in parties

People say you can judge a person’s character by the friends he keeps. The same could be said about who people regard as their heroes and villains. With that in mind, here is an observation after watching the Democratic National Convention.
The one person in this country who is universally despised by liberal Democrats is, by all accounts, a faithful husband and loving father. He passed a law to supply the poor and elderly with affordable prescription drugs. The same man also dedicated more money to fight AIDS in Africa than any president in our history. He led a stunned nation after the tragedy of 9/11. And with the approval of Democrats and Republicans in Congress, he fought the war on terror.
Conversely, the star of the Democratic Convention was a man who admittedly had sex with a 21-year-old intern in the White House. He lied to the American people and a grand jury. As a result, he was the second president in our history to be impeached. He lost his license to practice law in Arkansas. He weathered credible accusations of sexual harassment and abuse. Democrats, is this the best you have?
Gary Noshay