We will never forget beloved Father Joe

We at St. Lawrence Parish held an Interfaith Vigil Service for our beloved Father Joe Moreno Sunday night. We all need healing to understand this great loss, and the church was packed with mourners.
One of the priests opened the vigil with the words, “Father Joe served others well, but he was not served.” How true. He was a soul in anguish. Told to be out of his residence at St. Lawrence by Oct. 17; no new assignment from the diocese offered, even though he had been requested as a chaplain at local hospitals but needed the sanction of the bishop; funds reduced; nowhere to go; a dead end.
Father Joe leaves a legacy of love, caring and concern not only for our parish, but all of Western New York. He will never be forgotten for what he did for others. Rest in peace at last, Father Joe. Know that we all love you, mourn you and will never forget you.
Eleonore M. Clark