Tearing down Skyway would be big mistake

The drums are beating to tear down the Skyway – it’s too expensive, dangerous and obsolete. Well, let me say that as a relatively new resident of the Buffalo area who traverses the Skyway at least twice a day, I view the Skyway in an entirely different light: As an iconic and scenic element to this city, from which (taking care not to drive recklessly) on clear days I see the mist rising from Niagara Falls, the Canadian shoreline and expanse of Lake Erie, the wind turbines along the lakeshore (as well as on the ridges 30 miles to the east on very clear days) and the architecturally interesting buildings of downtown Buffalo.
I’m not buying the argument that the presence of the Skyway blocks land important to development. How many brownfield sites, both on the harbor and river, as well as away from water, sit idle awaiting development?
The Skyway should be maintained and cherished into the future as a unique part of the fabric of this comeback city. Look at vehicle safety improvements through better enforcement of speed limits through speed detection cameras and police enforcement. Tearing down the Skyway would be viewed someday as a huge mistake, a huge loss.
Keith Jones