Amherst should not cut funding for police

I was very concerned to read that the Amherst supervisor has proposed a 43 percent cutback on replacing Town of Amherst police cars as well as cuts police say would amount to a freeze in hiring. According to the report, officers say their staffing level has remained the same since 1979, which is below the national average for a town the size of Amherst.
Amherst is known as one of the safest towns in America. It makes no sense whatsoever to jeopardize the safety of Amherst residents by cutting our excellent Police Department’s ability to patrol our streets.
Because of the problems inherent in a struggling economy, robberies and other crimes are increasing, not decreasing. For the town supervisor to present a proposal that might hinder the Amherst Police Department’s ability to fight such crime is unwise.
I would strongly suggest that the Town Board reject the supervisor’s proposal to cut funds from the Police Department when increased police protection is definitely needed during our troubled economic times.
Penny F. Zeplowitz