Headline on debate was very misleading

The Buffalo News’ bias is showing. As a news reporting entity, it would best service readers to report a story without the “spin.” The front-page headline in Tuesday’s paper almost caused me to cancel our subscription.
President Obama did not slam Mitt Romney on the economy. They blasted each other throughout the debate. Obama actually decided to “show up” for this debate and both men stood their ground. Instead of Obama being “too polite,” which he stated was his issue in the first debate, he was rather rude and hostile. Both men were a bit disrespectful to each other and to their moderator.
The truthful report is that both Obama and Romney had moments where they faltered and where they did well. They both stretched the truth and answered the questions in a way that pushed their individual agendas and did not necessarily answer the question presented. Instead of getting hung up on a few words in a heated debate, we should look at their individual records; their employment and job creating history; their ability to work with others in reaching across party lines; their ability to effect change; their ability to balance budgets.
Look at the types of men they are and what they stand for in order to make your decision when you vote. They are two very different men with very different beliefs, and different plans to get this country working and moving toward a balanced budget.
This headline was misleading. Readers, do not just fall for the headlines that you see. If you are not going to stand for something, you will fall for anything. Stand up and make your vote count on Nov. 6.
Susan Woodward
Niagara Falls