Obama is responsible for state of economy

The headline of Oct. 17 really makes me rethink why I subscribe to The Buffalo News. I do not know how much more I can take. The day after the second presidential debate, the headline was, “Obama slams Romney on economy.” At first glance, I thought this was a misprint. After all, what does Mitt Romney have to do with the economy while Barack Obama has held the presidency for the last four years? The take-away from the second debate is that the economy is and has been a disaster, due in part to the policies of the current administration.
Lacking from the story was the “real-time fact check” by the moderator related to the Libyan foreign policy debacle. I consider it fair game to report that the moderator threw a life preserver to the incumbent and a concrete block to the challenger when she told Romney to “check the transcript” on a speech given by the president. As it turns out, her facts were wrong.
Perhaps the headline should have read, “Debate moderator erroneously casts doubt on Romney.” Clearly, the president was chosen to be the victor of round two even before it started. The deck was stacked. Even though the challenger had in excess of three minutes less talking time and was cut short three times more often, he kept his cool and appeared “presidential.” The incumbent, on the other hand, whined like a disgruntled parent yelling at the referee from the sideline of a little league football game. Why not just print the headline, “We will stop at nothing to have Obama re-elected”? At some point, all credibility of The News and the media in general will be lost. Any chance that The News will endorse Romney?
David Miller