Ellicott Creek Island would be great dog park

Visit Ellicott Creek Island in Tonawanda at any daylight hour. What will you find? Dogs and puppies running freely, unleashing the canine tendencies their domestication has suppressed. What will you not find? Anyone complaining about it. My proposal is simple: convert Ellicott Creek Island Park into a dog park, where the municipal law requiring all dogs to be leashed is not enforced. My justification is threefold.
First, there is overwhelming community support for a dog park. The whole effort was spearheaded by a 10-year-old boy a couple of years ago. Since 2010, Jacob Crocker, through his website (, has procured almost 500 signatures in support of establishing a dog park in Tonawanda.
Second, Ellicott Creek Island already has the natural features to serve as a dog park. The defining characteristic of a dog park is an enclosed open space. As an island, it already has these essential attributes. Rather than expending taxpayer funds to erect fencing around another plot of land, the city need only remove the few signs around the island that condemn unleashed dogs.
Third, my silky terrier, Buddy, wants a dog park. In the suburban environment of the Northtowns, our dogs are generally confined to crates, a few rooms in our homes or small sections in our back yards. Dogs are naturally pack animals, and they have a strong need to socialize through posturing and behavior. Leash laws restrict their ability to communicate with one another. This leads to incessant barking, undesirable jumping and occasional nipping when they do encounter other dogs. Converting Ellicott Creek Island into a dog park would provide an important outlet for pooches.
Matt Kaiser