Petition lacked signatures needed for vote on board

This is in response to the Oct. 14 letter, “Let West Seneca residents vote again on size of board.” I’m a little confused. The writer says, “The town governments provide our garbage pickup, lawn and yard waste pickup, clean our highways, sewers and storm drains and keep things running smoothly. They provide our police force that keeps our town safe.” She further states, “when I call the town, I get my questions answered and problems solved.” I have to agree with everything she said here, so why add more board members? Will our highways, sewers and storm drains somehow be cleaner with two extra people on the board? Will these extra members be out picking up leaves and patrolling the streets? I think not.
My wife and I bought and moved into our house in West Seneca a little over a year ago and we couldn’t be happier. The only complaint we have is high taxes. The services provided are excellent. On the occasions when we needed to call or visit Town Hall, our experiences have been outstanding and the results exactly what we had hoped for. Small government means just that, small government from the federal level down to the towns.
Just for the record, if the taxpayers really want this, why did the petition to put this issue on the ballot fall short by 200 votes? It makes you wonder who is behind this and what are their motivations for wanting a bigger bureaucracy in our town?
Richard Sandler
West Seneca