Licensing of cats is long overdue

I agree with Council Member Darius G. Pridgen’s suggestion to license cats. I believe it is long overdue. It may not curb the cat population, but it could help to defray the expense of neutering and spaying cats that roam our yards, using them as a litter box. I was a dog owner in the ’70s and ’80s and had to pay an “extra license fee” because my dog was not neutered, even though he always was on a leash. Off-duty police officers would go to each home with a dog and give the owners a notice and application to comply.
There also should be a limit to the number of cats in any one household, and each one should have a license. This applies to dogs also. I’m not a cat lover, as you may have guessed, but euthanizing is a humane way of dealing with cat overpopulation if nobody lays claim to them or adopts them. It seems better than having them roam the streets and risk getting hit by a car, attacked by another animal or become malnourished and infected because of lack of good food and nutrition.
Grace McGee
Town of Tonawanda