French Connection statue overdue

The recognition of the French Connection with a statue outside First Niagara Center is fitting but long overdue.
Gilbert Perreault, Rick Martin and Rene Robert played hockey the way its supposed to be played. The magic these three brought to the ice was fun and exciting to watch. They played for the love of the game and not for the money. The players and owners should take lessons from the French Connection and stop the greed and start playing hockey.
John Jendrysek
Orchard Park

Players pitiful in Yanks’ collapse

The Yankees have been eliminated and gone into hibernation. Unfortunately Cano, Rodriguez, Granderson and Swisher were already there long before they were swept by Detroit. Let’s face it, without Ibanez’s heroics, the Yankees wouldn’t have gotten by Baltimore. Along with occasional contributions, Teixeira, Suzuki, Martin, and decent pitching kept the Yankees in most games.
A-Rod was absolutely useless while failing miserably to drive in runs when the opportunity was there. It was either a strike out or hit into a double play. I shuddered every time he came up with runners on base with one or no outs, hoping he would strike out so as not to hit into a double play. Granderson gave Rodriguez a run for the money to see who could strike out the most. Cano and Swisher were also big failures.
The Yankees are going to have to find a few consistent hitters over the winter. The old timers, Jeter and Ibanez, are not going to be around much longer.
Don Weimer

Baseball on radio lacking around here

We often hear that Buffalo is a “big sports town. Recently there were four fifth-game elimination contests in the ALDS and NLDS, and a marathon first ALCS game between the Tigers and the Yankees. What do all of these games have in common? None of them were on local radio. Our “best sports station in the world”, WGR radio, had barely a peep about these games, while examining the non-hockey season and the hapless Bills, in the minutest detail.
I’m a baseball fan and spend some time in my car. I have practically worn out my car radio’s “search” button, trying to find baseball play-by-play of any game, and I have rarely heard even a score being given. I did manage to pick up portions of a couple games, on, of all places, “the Fan,” out of Toronto.
Last Sunday, Buffalo’s WGR has its interminable Bills pre-game show, while its sister station WBEN was carrying the Browns-Bengals NFL game.
What does a baseball fan have to do, to get baseball coverage on Buffalo radio?
Angelo F. Coniglio

“Glory Days’ players should be coaching

At the risk of re-visiting a subject that has already been dismissed by every radio talk show host in the WNY area, I want to revive an idea whose time I believe has finally come.
We should get as many players from the Bills glory years that are interested in coaching and bring them in here to filter through the players we presently have, find out who really wants to win for the city of Buffalo and who doesn’t and start building a winner with people that know a winner when they see one. They did it as players and now they just might make it as coaches.
At least we will know that the heart and talent will be there because they (the players) will be surrounded by coaches that want to win for Buffalo at any cost (like the greatest comeback in NFL history). Aren’t we tired of watching a group of players that could care less about winning? To them, Buffalo is a joke. Players that have left here have said it and I blame the present coach and general manager. Can we do any worse than replacing them?
Richard Gargula
East Aurora

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