Let’s take a stand for fair elections

I agreed completely with the recent editorial titled “Ads are an insult to democracy” until the first line of the last paragraph: “The likelihood of the ruling [Citizens United] ever being superseded seems remote, so Americans have little choice but to get used to a heightened level of dissembling in political campaigns.” I strongly disagree – Americans do have a choice. We can take a strong stand for fair elections and government integrity. We can reject the corruption of the democratic process and our government by the richest economic interests in the country. We can hold our elected representatives accountable and require that they serve the best interests of the entire nation and all their constituents, not the exclusive, self-serving interests of their wealthiest donors and lobbyists.
The power of popular resistance should not be underestimated. It resulted in women obtaining the right to vote, inspired and propelled the civil rights movement, and helped to end the Vietnam War. I am proud to be a part of “popular resistance” because indifference to and acceptance of the current state of affairs is the real threat to democracy. I do not want my children to someday look upon democratic ideals as a distant memory. I do not want my grandchildren to grow up in a nation under mammon, with liberty and justice for the super-wealthy. I have faith in the honesty and sense of responsibility of my fellow Americans and believe that, working together, we can and will effect meaningful change.
Barbara A. Rogers