Feature black and blue for battered taxpayers

It is good that the Peace Bridge and Niagara Falls have been illuminated purple for awareness of Domestic Violence Month and that the White House is bathed in pink for Breast Cancer Month. I think we should also be planning for next year’s Tax Freedom Day. This is the day – as calculated by the Tax Foundation, a research organization in Washington, D.C., – that the average citizen has earned enough money to pay off his/her total federal, state and local tax bill for the year. After that date, we can keep the remainder of our income to pay the mortgage, utilities, transportation, insurance costs and other “cost of living” expenses. This past year it was April 17, with a rate of 29.2 percent. Tax Freedom Day is also determined by state, with (you guessed it) New York ranking second of the 50 states with a date of May 1.
In view of this, I am proposing that the Peace Bridge authorities consider flooding the underside of the bridge with black light and painting it with florescent dyes that radiate blue when exposed to ultraviolet light. The resulting black and blue would be a symbol for taxpayers of their national plight, and perhaps an appropriate reminder to our elected representatives that they only manage our money, not earn it.
Of course there would be safety hazards, but these would be trivial in comparison to Love Canal, West Valley and, currently, Attica.
There would also be expenses, but a pittance when compared to the monies spent on bridge designs, plaza planning, environmental impact studies, etc.
So let’s all get behind a national Black and Blue Tax Freedom Day as a reminder of the contributions of the real funders of the country. The planning should only take 20 years.
Paul Young
Orchard Park