Skip NRA endorsement?if both politicians earn A'

On Oct. 4, The Buffalo News printed an article in which the National Rifle Association endorsed Rep. Kathy Hochul of the 27th Congressional District. Knowing that both the incumbent and challenger, Chris Collins, have "A" ratings from the NRA, this came as a complete surprise to me. Considering the importance of this position, the tightness of the race and the position of both candidates on Second Amendment rights, I thought the NRA should have taken a neutral position and not endorse either candidate.

I took the liberty to call Chris W. Cox, executive director of the NRA/ILA in Washington, D.C., to get a clarification on why it took this action. He was very accommodating and explained when both candidates are rated "A" by the NRA, the policy is to support the incumbent. The NRA feels this support is justified since the incumbent generally has a voting record of support.

I support Second Amendment rights and I believe in the good work the NRA has done to protect them, but I do not agree with its approach when both candidates are in full support of this issue. This makes it a non-issue in the choosing of a candidate. I believe under these circumstances, the NRA should be silent and let the other major issues such as the economy, jobs, health care, military actions and education be the primary focus in deciding the best person for the position.

William J. Gittere



Requiring cat license? won't fix the problem

I was outraged to see the article in the paper that said the city is considering a law requiring cat licensing. What a joke. I am a responsible cat owner. My cats are spayed and neutered, get their needed shots and don't go outside ever. Many people are already giving up their pets because they can't afford them. This will do nothing to fix the problem. There will be more homeless and hungry cats wandering the streets. The city should be working with the SPCA and other rescue groups to fix this problem, not asking for another fee from taxpayers.

Donna Rusinski



It's time to get rid? of Electoral College

The Electoral College is ancient, useless and unfair. The president should be elected by the popular vote. Every American's vote should be counted. Then the candidate with the most votes would become president.

If the popular vote had been used in the year 2000, two deadly, very expensive and unnecessary wars could have been avoided.

Richard Vogel



Republicans must put ?American people first

As recently reported, a study from the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service showed that "there is little evidence over the past 65 years that tax cuts for the highest earners are associated with savings, investments or productivity growth." That point, along with a recent expose in the New York Times noting the lack of correlation between productivity and growth and the tax rates, supports a perspective that the Republican strategy about linking a reduction in such taxes to economic growth is emotive and not factual.

Republicans in Congress have made statements about making sure that Obama becomes a one-term president, and the priority of that effort. Unfortunately for the American people, the economic mess from the Bush era has not stopped, and any bipartisan, multifaceted effort to alter that path has been met with resistance.

The only conclusion I can draw is that many Republican congressmen and women are more intent on forging a future to further their own interests on the backs of the American people, without regard to sound fiscal policies. Where possible, we need to remove people from office when they hold their party's interest above that of the American people. John Boehner was recently in the Buffalo area supporting Chris Collins. Boehner is certainly a leader in this negative approach to governing. I strongly recommend against supporting any candidate who holds to Boehner's views or similar views.

Gary Kuechle



It may take decades? to solve our problems

I've been reading many articles about how Mitt Romney beat President Obama in the first debate. I'm going to vote for Obama but am willing to admit Romney sounded more forceful, slicker and he's got presidential hair, to boot. So he won. Sort of.

So what did we get out of him in that debate? A plan to cut taxes by $5 trillion? A foreign policy program that will improve the world? A way out of the recession? No, no and no. No details on any of them. Paul Ryan, Romney's running mate, actually said when pressed for details of their plans that it would bore the listeners and he didn't want to lower the interviewer's ratings. How kind.

Our country has moved very far in my lifetime away from content and toward image; what author Terry Southern called "flash and filigree." If people prefer that when they vote, they have that right, but then they will have to live with the consequences.

It is great to sound like you have a solution for everything that Obama hasn't been able to solve, but it is more rational to understand that our problems and the world's problems may not be immediately solvable; in fact, it might take decades. To grapple with those long-term problems, I want an intelligent, educated person in the White House, a person who has empathy for the people who haven't struck it rich (that's most of us); otherwise we'll be complaining about the very same things in 2016 and we'll start all over again.

David Irvin



Be sure to check? your polling place

A week before the September primaries, the Erie County Board of Elections mailed out new voter registration cards. Because of redistricting, you may have been assigned to a new polling place. There has not been much media attention on this matter. Many voters did not notice this change and showed up at their old polling place. I am an election inspector for Aurora District 6 located at the West Falls Fire Hall.

The only indication that there was a change was a notice in our supply box. It seems that the main roads and streets were divided by even and odd numbers.

My neighbors across the street with odd numbers now must vote in the Town Highway Department in East Aurora and those on my side of the street with even numbers vote at the West Falls Fire Hall. New voters who previously voted at the Gow School in South Wales are now assigned to the West Falls location.

This relocation has taken place all over Erie County. It is important that you check your new voter registration card for the location of your polling place. If you do not have a new card, call the Board of Elections at 858-8891. In this very important election year, every vote counts.

Pat Petrie

West Falls