Be sure to check your polling place

A week before the September primaries, the Erie County Board of Elections mailed out new voter registration cards. Because of redistricting, you may have been assigned to a new polling place. There has not been much media attention on this matter.
Many voters did not notice this change and showed up at their old polling place. I am an election inspector for Aurora District 6 located at the West Falls Fire Hall.
The only indication that there was a change was a notice in our supply box. It seems that the main roads and streets were divided by even and odd numbers.
My neighbors across the street with odd numbers now must vote in the Town Highway Department in East Aurora and those on my side of the street with even numbers vote at the West Falls Fire Hall. New voters who previously voted at the Gow School in South Wales are now assigned to the West Falls location.
This relocation has taken place all over Erie County. It is important that you check your new voter registration card for the location of your polling place. If you do not have a new card, call the Board of Elections at 858-8891. In this very important election year, every vote counts.
Pat Petrie
West Falls