Republicans must put American people first

As recently reported, a study from the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service showed that “there is little evidence over the past 65 years that tax cuts for the highest earners are associated with savings, investments or productivity growth.” That point, along with a recent expose in the New York Times noting the lack of correlation between productivity and growth and the tax rates, supports a perspective that the Republican strategy about linking a reduction in such taxes to economic growth is emotive and not factual.
Republicans in Congress have made statements about making sure that Obama becomes a one-term president, and the priority of that effort. Unfortunately for the American people, the economic mess from the Bush era has not stopped, and any bipartisan, multifaceted effort to alter that path has been met with resistance.
The only conclusion I can draw is that many Republican congressmen and women are more intent on forging a future to further their own interests on the backs of the American people, without regard to sound fiscal policies. Where possible, we need to remove people from office when they hold their party’s interest above that of the American people. John Boehner was recently in the Buffalo area supporting Chris Collins. Boehner is certainly a leader in this negative approach to governing. I strongly recommend against supporting any candidate who holds to Boehner’s views or similar views.
Gary Kuechle