The 30-year itch

The Tralf’s 30th anniversary last weekend was a romantic event, and not just because the place has played host to such giants of romance as Boney James and Big Daddy Kinsey. We have this story on the authority of Doris Jones, Buffalo Broadcasting Hall of Fame member. She was standing in line to get in – wow, Buzz breathed, even Doris Jones has to stand in line! – and began talking to a stranger, a woman she described as a “lovely gal.” “She said when she was a senior in high school, a date took her to the old Tralf. And this week, he called to meet her at the reunion concert. She hadn’t seen him in 30 years!” Miss Jones marvels. “I caught up with them later – had to see the guy, you know,” she says, and laughs. “He was as nice looking and personable as she was. So you never know!”

Jet setters

This being Buffalo, of course you know someone who knows Cory Wells of Three Dog Night. Our friend Mike Lauria, a pilot, goes fishing with the rocker all the time. He has a picture of himself, Wells, and a giant pike, which we will be posting on the new Buzz Blog (find it on The News’ website). Lauria is cousin to Wells’ wife, Mary. Wells joked to The News last week that when he met her he thought she was “a toughie.” Ha, ha! Anyway. Friday, when Three Dog Night played Kleinhans Music Hall with the Philharmonic, Lauria said hi to his cousin. “She got quite a kick out of Cory referring to her as a ‘toughie,’ ” he says. “She explained that because she was in an orphanage on the West Side, with her brother, she had to learn to fight, literally, to survive.” Illuminating! As was another backstage exchange. Lauria adds: “Cory’s singing partner, Danny Hutton, walked up to me and said, ‘Hey! Don’t you fly airplanes? I used to ‘fly’ quite a bit back in the day!” He was referring to his former drug use.”

Revved up

Great things in Buffalo take time. The Richardson Complex. Buzz’s upstairs bathroom. And the WYSL MYSL, the car once sported by the great deejay Shane, Brother Shane. It is holed up in a garage in Buffalo, where we assume it is perpetually up on blocks. Shane stays optimistic. “The engine should be in the compartment by now,” he reported hopefully this week. “When we are resurrected, I’m personally gonna buy an Open Bar for all our true friends and fans, and everyone will get to take pictures of it, and a ride down Niagara Street with us both.” Rock ’n’ roll!

The Buzz

With all this talk about Austria, thanks to extreme skydiver Felix Baumgartner and Buffalo Sabre Tyler Myers, it’s fun to hear radio types take stabs at German phrases, like “Guten Morgen” and “eislauferich.” We heard “eislauferich” on WBEN-AM. It means running on the ice. … Gales of wind bring gales of laughter, and a chance to revisit that old joke: “It was so windy that Cellino’s hair was on Barnes’ head.” … Buzz always anticipates Martha Stewart’s Thanksgiving issue. It is Extreme Thanksgiving! This year, she gives us Marionberry Pie, Sorghum-Sweetened Chocolate Pecan Pie, Pioneer Vinegar Pie and President Tyler’s Pudding Pie. Groaning board, meet groaning cook!


“Obama? Romney? Who cares? Let’s drink.”
– Sign outside Lagerhaus 95, in Buffalo’s Cobblestone District