Put prejudice aside and welcome neighbor

The ignorance of those opposed to the respite facility in the Town of Tonawanda is appalling. My daughter has multiple disabilities and if it were not for the after-school and overnight respite programs she attends, I could not be a productive member of society. I would have to quit my job and depend on government benefits to care for my child. My child and others like her cannot be left alone because they have no way to help themselves in case of an emergency. We need people who are specially trained to care for our children.
The people in that neighborhood would not be able to prevent a family with six children from moving into that house. That family would create a lot more traffic and noise than a respite facility. Only those in our situation understand how important it is to have a break, even if only for a few hours. They should put their fear and prejudice aside and welcome the respite facility as their new neighbors.
Maurene Markovitz