Respect voters’ wishes to downsize government

The News recently reported that West Seneca elected officials have been “taking Kevin Gaughan’s name in vain.” You should know that while politicians may not have much use for Gaughan, we people do.
If you think about it, Gaughan is one of the few public figures who’s trying to cut the cost of local government, including here in West Seneca. There are good things happening, finally, throughout Buffalo and Erie County, and Gaughan’s efforts ask us to think about how much better things could be if our high taxes weren’t forcing people to leave. And our politicians’ solution is to re-up to their number, here in a town that continues to lose population every year? Where the land at our former Seneca Mall still lies vacant many years after it closed?
Upsizing government at this point makes no sense. And that’s why our town voted for Gaughan’s downsizing plan in the first place.
Ann Tworzydlo
West Seneca