Brown’s indifference hurts workers, residents

The recent News article regarding Mayor Byron Brown’s indifference and “no comment” concerning the city schools is no surprise. The mayor and his shadow, Steve Casey, are quick to point out the smallest accomplishments in their administration to anyone and everyone. But don’t confront the mayor or his mouthpiece about any topic that does not canonize Brown in some way.
Another area that goes in the “no comment” column from the mayor is city workers and negotiations. Buffalo firefighters are starting their 11th year with no raises and no contract. City teachers, 10 years and counting. Buffalo coppers, six years. Streets and sanitation workers are the lowest-paid in Western New York. Buffalo’s bravest and city teachers have not had a contract since before the state control board froze city workers’ wages for 39 months. And recently the courts ruled that those 39 months fall into the twilight zone, as if they never existed. Workers cannot negotiate for those lost years.
The dynamic duo sits on a $100 million city surplus, while the real city workers continue to work day in and day out for the same wages they were making 10 years ago.
Phil Ryan
Retired Buffalo fire lieutenant
West Seneca