Let West Seneca residents vote again on size of board

In response to Kevin Gaughan “blasting” the West Seneca Town Board, as a resident homeowner, registered voter and taxpayer of West Seneca, I would ask Gaughan to please leave our town alone.
The voters listened to him back in 2009 and agreed to his proposal that the town reduce its Town Board by two members, making it a three-person board. We tried it, and now the voters have decided we want another chance to right the wrong that was done in 2009. He keeps talking about how the board is ignoring what the taxpayers want. Well, the taxpayers are the ones who brought this petition to the board. The taxpayers are asking the board to give the voters another chance to get this right.
I am a taxpayer, and I do not agree with Gaughan one bit. While I agree that there are too many layers of government, those layers that need to be thinned out are on the federal level and not on the town level. The town governments provide our garbage pickup, lawn and yard waste pickup, clean our highways, sewers and storm drains and keep things running smoothly. They provide our police force that keeps our town safe.
When I call the town, I get my questions answered and problems solved. Gaughan should “fix” the federal government and leave the towns to the people who actually live in them to decide whether we want three or five people on our boards.
Judy Seiler
West Seneca