Try walking a mile in someone else’s shoes

Kudos to Bruce Andriatch regarding his recent column supporting group homes for developmentally disabled youth in the Town of Tonawanda.
As a mother of three children, two of whom are developmentally disabled, I must tell all concerned that their “condition” is not contagious – your children will not catch anything. But maybe a home like this could teach them, and probably many adults, that they are loving, peaceful and definitely will not harm them.
My personal experience is that everyone who gets to know them would learn to be more caring, more helpful and much more understanding of what they go through and, above all, they would learn to be more grateful for their own lives.
How self-centered of people to think it is their place to decide where others should thrive. In today’s environment, we are told to be more tolerant and accept everyone as they are, and yet people are very prejudiced. Believe me, my sons know they are not like other boys and wish they, too, could be “perfect.” It is no wonder this country has so many problems right now. People need to realize it is not all about them – others occupy this planet, too.
Stephanie Malicki
West Seneca