Mayor lacks courage to address the issues

You call this man a leader? Who are the 65 percent of Buffalo citizens who want to re-elect Mayor Byron Brown? He is a mayor who is disinterested in the single biggest issue facing this city, education. This is an issue that must be solved if we are to become a great city once again.
But why am I surprised? This man is not a leader. He reacts when called out on matters, not addressing them with vision and courage. He avoids making the difficult decisions or addressing issues that pose the greatest challenges but present the greatest opportunity to resurrect this once great city. True leaders embrace the opportunity to address the major challenges of our day. They don’t avoid them like this mayor.
This mayor is content treating the symptoms of decay rather than addressing the root causes. Educate our youth and make the school system the envy of the region. If this is not done, the repopulation of our city will stall once those new residents start to raise families and move to areas with exceptional education programs.
What is most galling to me is his lack of accountability to the people who elected him. He refuses to discuss the issue of education in any public format. He refused numerous interview requests from The Buffalo News. Does this mayor not realize he is accountable to the people? He is not entitled to the position of mayor; he has the privilege of serving the people of this city. Be accountable, be a leader, please Mr. Mayor!
Michael P. Ryan
East Aurora