GOP offers nothing but doom and gloom

To all those who think the sky will fall if President Obama gets re-elected: Been to a mall lately? Been to a restaurant? Have to wait for a table? Seen any new cars on the road? How many weeks do you have to wait for a new Harley? Or a new iPhone? Seems to me the economy is doing fine. The stock market has doubled.
The ones who say it’s awful the most are on the right. You know, the ones they’re always parading on Fox News. Why? Because they’ve made it their central issue. Obama has to say it, too. But only because he’d be labeled as “out of touch” if he didn’t.
Yes, there are still too many unemployed, or underemployed, which Mitt Romney seems so concerned about now. Guess what, they fall into the 47 percent, who won’t take personal responsibility. Yes, very caring indeed. How about we bring back some of those manufacturing jobs he and his buddies have sent overseas? Too bad we don’t have people waiting for weeks to buy iPhones made right here.
When President George W. Bush was in office in 2007, Rush Limbaugh said he refused to participate in the recession. Now, it’s all he talks about. Obama has been in office for almost four years, and the country hasn’t fallen off the face of the earth. My point is: How patriotic is it, in a “struggling” economy that some say is lacking in confidence, to badmouth good job numbers when they happen? These people can’t possibly give an ounce of credit where it’s due.
James A. Liberatore