Grisanti won’t fool most voters again

So, Mark Grisanti is at it again, offering himself for re-election to the State Senate. I’m sure he has views he is expounding and promises he is making. I can’t say for sure what his campaign is about this time, because I see no use in listening to him anymore.
The last time he ran for office, he made promises, too. People voted for him because he promised to vote a certain way on a particular issue. Most people were in favor of his views, so they voted him into office to carry out their wishes. Once in office, however, when the issue came up for a vote, instead of supporting the people who elected him, he sold them out for his own personal gain.
He realized he was controlling a pivotal vote. Apparently the Democrats came up with the best deal, so he sided with them against the people who elected him. Because of this, there are some people who think his career could be ended. As it appears now that looks doubtful, but either way things play out it will be no problem for Grisanti. If by some chance he isn’t re-elected, I believe he will turn up in some high-paying, no-show job with lifetime benefits you can’t even imagine.
If you think this sounds unreasonable, someone please explain to me why a liberal Democrat (Gov. Andrew Cuomo) of a liberal Democratic state (New York) is doing political ads to support the re-election of a supposed Republican candidate.
He burns you once, shame on him. He burns you twice, shame on you.
Robert N. Czora