“What do you wear when you go to bed, Marilyn?”
“Chanel No. 5.”
That immortal exchange between the press and the sex symbol helped the famous scent – released in 1921 by designer Coco Chanel – sail through the ’50s and beyond as the most distinctive fragrance ever created.
In later times, such fabulous females as Catherine Deneuve, Ali MacGraw and Nicole Kidman became the “face” of Chanel. Miss Kidman’s print and TV ads were absolutely spectacular, and as important to her post-Tom Cruise rise as any of her films.
But times change. I mean, boy, do they change! Chanel No. 5 will now tempt women to spritz it on their collarbones and cleavage by using ... Brad Pitt!
Yes, the man who totally belongs to Angelina Jolie (and their six children) will be luring ladies worldwide as the new face and hard-body of Chanel No. 5.
Although men have been putting out their own fragrances for some time, I believe Mr. Pitt and Chanel are launching some delicious gender-bending here. I don’t recall a man ever promoting a woman’s perfume before.
Chanel proudly states that “No. 5 is the most iconic fragrance of our time, and Brad Pitt is the most iconic actor of our time.”
Well, I don’t know that I’d go so far as to say Brad is “the most iconic actor of our time.” Then again, I don’t know what “time” or era Chanel is referring to. It is the 21st century now, so maybe we have to take Clark Gable, Gary Cooper and John Wayne off our old lists? Brad is, in any case, an excellent actor, who has had to fight to be seen as more than just a beautiful face. He is also a superb humanitarian who really puts his money where his mouth is.
Women can now fantasize – as they dab on No. 5 – that Brad is putting his famous pouty mouth on the same spot.
Showtime’s espionage drama/soap “Homeland” swept the Emmys with wins for best dramatic series, best actress (Claire Danes) and best actor (Damian Lewis.)
It is undeniably compelling with its wildly brilliant dysfunctional leading lady. Problem? Miss Danes’ “Carrie” was seen in the opening of Season Two in the same hysterical state in which she ended Season One. Even though time has passed, she has been ousted from the CIA and is back “on her meds.”
She is impressive but exhausting in her endless turmoil. The new season has her working temporarily for her old bosses; still convinced Marine ex-POW Nicholas Brody, played by Lewis, is a terrorist. We need a month in the country after watching Claire go through her tortured paces.
The writers might try calming her down slightly. Or the proverbial shark could well jump before feeding time.
I see the lead movie of last weekend was “Taken 2.” Liam Neeson is the star. The actor is trapped in a pointless story of espionage revenge by Albanians eager and overly organized to kill him, his wife and daughter, with glamorous Istanbul as a backdrop.
At least 30 or 40 people are murdered, 20 cars trashed and there is even one train wreck. Mr. Neeson is a brilliant actor, but here his character is forced to recognize and memorize twists and turns while blindfolded and figuring mathematical probabilities. It boggles the mind.
The New York Times describes “his already hot box office streak!” I’d think Neeson is getting tired of this kind of movie “success.” (On the other hand, he came to this sort of action/thriller rather late, so he is probably enjoying his new status as an older Bourne or Ethan Hunt-type character.)
And it’s obviously hard for moviemakers to find acceptable enemies these days for movie plots. We are trying to be diplomatic around the world. But the Albanians are fair game, I guess.

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