Charges lodged against a Hamburg woman after she ran her wood chipper, disrupting a wedding and reception, will be dropped in six months if she stays out of trouble.
Denise Woods, 53, of West Highland Parkway, had been charged Sept. 1 with violating the town’s noise ordinance. The operator of the Avanti Mansion, Laurie M. Clark, complained to police that the wood chipper was operating while wedding ceremonies were being performed outdoors at the banquet facility.
Woods said she uses the chips as mulch in her garden. Her backyard is adjacent to Avanti’s South Park Avenue property.
Woods has been upset with the banquet house after it hosted two receptions last year that included fireworks without warning the adjacent neighborhood. Woods said the fireworks greatly affected her husband, William, a Vietnam veteran, who became hypervigilant and refused to leave the house, although he had symptoms that resembled post-traumatic stress disorder.
She complained to the Town Board, and residents signed petitions against the fireworks.
This year, the Avanti Mansion alerted the couple that fireworks would be taking place and offered to send them out to dinner and a movie, but William Woods did not want to leave.
Woods said she started her fall wood chipping a little early this year. The Avanti complained that she chipped wood on the weekends during wedding ceremonies. A police report said officers tried to negotiate a compromise that would have her turn off the chipper during the ceremony, but that Woods said she had work to do.
Town Justice Gerald P. Gorman gave Woods an adjournment in contemplation of dismissal of her charges Friday. She is to return to Hamburg Town Court in six months. If she has not gotten arrested in the half year, Gorman agreed to drop the charges.