The Albright-Knox Art Gallery announced Friday that it is developing a comprehensive master plan to address short-term space needs and long-term goals for growth, including possible expansion.
Snohetta, an international, award-winning architecture, landscape and interiors collaborative, will help map out changes to the 150-year-old gallery, which has a collection of more than 6,500 works.
“Space needs are one of the most critical issues facing the gallery today,” Board President Leslie Zemsky said in a statement. “Our collection has grown significantly since our last expansion in 1962, and we urgently need to examine how our existing space is used to display, store and conserve the collection, and to optimize our facilities to provide an enhanced experience for our visitors.”
Projects the Oslo, Norway-based Snohetta has worked on include expansion of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and redesigns of Times Square and the Oslo Opera House. Bright Spot Strategy of New York City will also consult on creating better visitor experiences, addressing space programming needs and developing a more productive work environment.
Gallery spokeswoman Maria Scully-Morreale said it was premature to speak about what a potential physical expansion could look like.
“We don’t want to make any changes to the facility in the short term without considering the future, because of the historic nature of both buildings and the historic parkland we’re on. We want to take a long-term view,” she said.
Initial recommendations are expected by the end of spring.